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Audiobook Narration

Amy is a skilled narrator who's performances make her perfect for young adult, historial fiction, and dark fantasy books.




Voice Over Narration 

As a professional narrator at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Amy has the ability to voice over commercials,  educational videos, radio shows, and video game voice acting.


Why Work With Amy?

Amy has over 6 years of work as a professional narrator with San Diego Zoo Global. As a Senior Photo Caravan Tour Guide, she leads guests through the vast field enclosures where she interprets the experience for guests (as well as interacts with giraffes and rhinos!). She has an excellent ability to improvise, react to different audiences, and create engaging and highly entertaining tours. She would be an excellent candidate for professional voice over work, educational narration (ie presentations, lessons over youtube, etc), and commercials.


As an audio-book narrator, Amy presents a dynamic range of vocal selections and inflections. Her "sotte voce", rich, alto voice would be well suited to dark fantasy, young adult adventure books, historical fiction, and science fiction. However, she also has a lighter tone for comedic and children's books. Amy has excellent comedic timing, and can create a number of "character" voices perfect for a large repertoire of voices. She can also provide a variety of accents, including British (Standard RP), Scottish, Various American South Dialects, and South African. 

Looking for an actress for a radio play or video game? Amy is also available for voice acting work. She has a range of theatrical performance experience, as well as a passion and skill performing Shakespeare, so she would make an excellent candidate for a recorded reading of a play. She is also a skilled choral singer, soloist, and belter. Her range is alto-mezzo soprano.

Amy is a Certified Interpretive Guide (National Association of Interpretation)

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